The Ocean Hideaway Bed & Breakfast
Salinas, Ecuador
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Contact Us        <Emergency Resort Contact: 085 380 680>
USA contact:  954 993 5635 (Joel - in USA)
Local Directions:
Driving in via la Libertad from the Ruta Del Sol is very easy -- Most drivers know where El Shopping is, our mall which is also called el Paseo Mall.  From there it is simply a matter of taking the VIA PUNTA CARNERO all the way to the ocean to the road that runs parallel (which is the VIA MAR BRAVA).  You will see a small Police Station there.  Make a left and you are now driving through Punta Carnero on the MAR BRAVA and you will stay on this road past the Punta Carnero hill (where the old Hotel Punta Carnero is located) and continue on the MAR BRAVA past the old Shrimp Laboratorios and into Anconcito, which is our town.
Keep an eye out for a large very green building which will let you know you are approaching the end of the VIA MAR BRAVA here in Anconcito.  A large billboard at the fork in the road will show the new work being done on our fishing port, and across from you will be a ship yard wall with words about the Cholitos of Anconcito having their dreams fulfilled painted on the wall. Not too far from the truth here -- since seceding from Guayas Province, our Province of Santa Elena has allowed many more tax and municipal dollars to stay here, building the better roads for our town and more schools, a new hospital, more clinics and even the local University. 
To your right will be the modern church (orange) San Timeteo. 
Make a right turn around the church and go 0.4 km up the hill to the corner just before the local H.S. (Colegio Franco D'Avila) and make a right turn on that road (it is the first asphalt road you come to) and come down that road for 0.8 km to our front door. 
Honk the horn and ring the bell by the small front door and we will open the gate for you.  We'll be keeping an eye out for you but no doubt GIna and Poochie, Susan's big but very friendly dogs will come to be the first to say hello. Poochie (the boxer)  tends to stick his head in the driver's window looking for a kiss -- but it does scare the drivers so perhaps mention to your driver to roll up his window before entering. 
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